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Various types:

1) Pvc garage flooring             2) Pvc engineering flooring

3) Pvc sport flooring               4) Pvc flooring normal backing;

5) Pvc flooring foam backing   6) Pvc flooring non-woven backing


The Sinoceiling flooring is a universal mats ,cheap and convenient products,easy to use, any cutting.

The Sinoceiling flooring can be used for office, hospital, school, store, home, garage, bus, ship, train, dancing room and all kinds of competition terrain.

Normal or foamed backing(page1)

Normal or foamed backing(page2)

Normal or foamed backing(page3)

Normal or foamed backing(page4)

Normal or foamed backing(page5)

Normal or foamed backing(page6)

Normal or foamed backing(page7)

Normal or foamed backing(page8)

Normal or foamed backing(page9)

Normal or foamed backing(page10)

pvc garage flooring(page1)

pvc garage flooring(page2)

pvc garage flooring(page3)

pvc garage flooring(page4)

pvc garage flooring(page5)

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