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GRG (glass fiber reinforced gypsum ceiling tile):

Product made from a high quality natural gypsum with a mixture of fiberglass. The GRG Ceiling Tiles we supply, are acclaimed because of qualities like Fireproof, High-Strength And Non/Deform, Sound Attenuation, Moisture Proof and more. Our GRG Ceiling Tiles feature easy installation, smooth surface, no gap when concatenate high intensity, non-deformable, resistance to erosion etc 


Technical Specifications:

Size:  595x595mm, 603x603mm;                    Fiber Content:  >80%

Sag Resist:   100% sag resistant;                      Sound Absorption Class: 35-40db

Fire Performances:  A1 (flame speed 0-25);     NRC: 0.9  

Thermal conductivity:  <0.065w/mk;                RH:   > 95%

Light Reflection capacity:  Minimum 85%

Type of backside:

plane backside

concave backside


Surface Treatment:

white Latex Painted or colorful without paper on the surface;


fiberglass gypsum ceiling tile (#996)

gypsum fiber ceiling tile (SC572)

reinforced gypsum fiber tile (sc998)

GRG5001(concave backing)

GRG5002(Concave backing)

GRG5003(Concave backing)

GRG5004(Concave backing)

GRG5005(Concave backing)

GRG concave backing







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