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Fiberglass (glasswool) Ceiling Board & Blanket:

It is made from sound absorbing plate of fiberglass free-asbesto as basis material and on it compound sprayed fiberglass decorative felt. It features good sound absorbing effect, heat preservation, high fire retardant, high strength level ,beautiful decorative effect, etc. It is widely used for indoor space, like hospital, meeting room, exhibition hall.

Technical Specifications: 

Size:  595mmx595mm, 603x603mm, 603x1212mm;

Thickness:  12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm;

Edge:   Square edge,   Tegular edge;

Surface treatment:  latex-painted;

Color:  White, Red, Black, Yellow & other colors;

NRC: 0.9-1.0;    Density: 14-100KG/m3

Fire Performances:  noncombustible

glasswool ceiling board1(naked surface)

glasswool ceiling board2

glasswool ceiling board 600x1200mm

square edge

fiberglass ceiling tile

tegular edge2

glasswool in roll, blanket

50mm glasswool roll

25mm Fiberglass blanket

mass production of fiberglass

mass production of fiberglass.

packing of glasswool in roll

Loading of Fiberglass Blanket

loading of fiberglass in roll

container loading of glasswool

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