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ceiling tee bar, ceiling tee grid, tee bar, tee grid1.Ceiling Tee bar consists of main tee, cross tee and small tee & wall angle;

2.The surface of T-Grids can be White, Golden, Silver & Mirror coloravailable;

3.All components of system are made of high quality galvanized steel material.

4.Ceiling T-Grids is available in British & Metric size, like main tee 3.0m, 3.6m in    Metric length or 3.05m, 3.66m in British length as customers’ requested. 


 Ceiling Tee Bar Installation of ceiling grid

Installation of ceiling grid
Ceiling Tee Bar SC-32(Plane type)

SC-32(Plane type)
Ceiling Tee Bar SC-38(Plane type)

SC-38(Plane type)
Ceiling Tee Bar SC-32(Slim type)

SC-32(Slim type)
Ceiling Tee Bar SC-32(groove type)

SC-32(groove type)
Ceiling Tee Bar SC-32(solid groove)

SC-32(solid groove)
Ceiling Tee Bar SC-38(solid groove)

SC-38(solid groove)
Ceiling Tee Bar SC-32(alloy end)

SC-32(alloy end)
Ceiling Tee Bar SC-38(alloy end)

SC-38(alloy end)
Ceiling Tee Bar SC-38(golden color)

SC-38(golden color)
Ceiling Tee Bar Grille Lamp

Grille Lamp
Ceiling Tee Bar Grille lamp(SC01418)

Grille lamp(SC01418)
Ceiling Tee Bar Installation of grille lamp

Installation of grille lamp
Ceiling Tee Bar hanger clip

hanger clip
Ceiling Tee Bar hanger wire & bolt

hanger wire & bolt

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